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The following clients have given testimonials about how they were able to successfully turn their lives around and how they benefitted from personal life coaching sessions with Rev. Grace.  She has a national presence having assisted people all over the U.S.  The sessions are affordable and are generally short term in nature, yielding measurable results.  If you need help finding your purpose or need to overcome an obstacle that is preventing you from being joyful and fulfilled, you may want to give coaching a try. The program works if you work it.  Contact us for more info.

I can truly say Reverend Grace is an inspiration!  With a deep understanding of Scripture, Rev. Grace’s Sermons are sophisticated while very applicable to everyday living.  Her words are powerful and insightful, delivered with flair, passion and engagement.   I have experienced positive changes in my life as a result of Reverend Grace’s coaching, when she offered unique positive affirmations and a framework for mindfulness meditation. I highly recommend her as a personal coach."  - J. Freund, Asheville, North Carolina



"When I first began working with Grace, I wasn't sure which direction that I wanted my life to take as I was faced with many choices. Also, I was unaware of how to ignite my passions. I felt I could do so much more, but I didn't know where to start. By working with Grace, I gained focus. Through thought-provoking questions, unbiased support, and professionalism, Grace helped me discover what I've been missing!  I rediscovered passion for my work and found myself ready to take the next step onto my career path. Grace's support and assistance has been instrumental in moving me forward to the next stage of my life, and for that I'm grateful!"  -  Sofia Irons, Social Worker, Providence, Rhode Island



"Four months ago I reached out to life coach, Grace Carcich for insight and guidance regarding my purpose in life. Working with Grace as my life coach was an investment in myself. My coaching program focused on balancing all areas of my life. Our sessions taught me to take a closer look at myself and how much my attitude is impacting my altitude.

Grace and I established weekly sessions which included homework with reading assignments and introspective assessments. It was all about me and my wellness. Grace is professional, spirited, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and Grace is respectfully 'real.'

Grace’s devotion to God made our sessions more powerful. While she doesn’t make you feel like you have to believe in spiritual doctrines, I cannot deny there was a Divine Power at work when she was helping me.

This was truly a liberating experience for me. I would recommend Grace to anyone who may feel broken, defeated, stuck or needs that nudge to pursue your authentic self. It is because of Grace Carcich I am now pursuing my authentic self." - Caren Nicholson, General Manager, Albuquerque, New Mexico



"My experience having Grace as a Life Coach was extremely effective and inspirational. Grace has the uncanny ability to move you forward with goals that will be achieved once you take action. She is by your side to create the life that you desire." -  Jeff Hargens, Sales Director, Scottsdale, Arizona


Testimonials Weddings


“Rev. Grace did a phenomenal job as our Wedding Service Officiate. She was very professional & calming during a hectic planning time for me & my wife. She had great suggestions as to how to incorporate “important” people in our life into being a part of “our day.”  Thanks again and may God continue to Bless you!” – Chip & Leia Williams, Little Switzerland Inn, Spruce Pine, North Carolina

Dear Rev. Grace,

"Thank you so much for everything you did for us on our wedding day. Also, thanks for all your help and input leading up to our special day. We absolutely loved our ceremony!  You calmed us down, you made us laugh and made us cry. We appreciate everything you did for us!"


Erica and Dillon Wilde, Holden, MA
















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