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Grace Spiritual Center is a welcoming and modern option when seeking a place for healing the mind, body and soul for people of the Asheville and Weaverville and surrounding areas.  As a student of New Thought Philosophies for over 20 years, Rev. Grace Carcich offers a comprehensive approach to fulfilling the need for today's evolving seeker who wants to expand their faith, direction and total fulfillment. 

Rev. Grace was born and raised in a traditional Catholic setting obtaining all sacraments and faithfully practicing her religion.  She got "the call" many years ago, but had no idea how to break the glass ceiling.  It was the best decision, she recalls now, to enroll in Seminary. She chose the widely respected Interfaith Seminary, One Spirit, in New York, where she attended classes for two years and was later ordained.

Prior to founding Grace Spiritual Center, she spent four years as co-founder and co-pastor of Unity Radiant Light in Providence where she worked at giving sermons, head of the Ministry Prayer Team and Music Ministry. Rev. Grace has also done special guest speaking in Asheville, Hendersonville, Providence and many churches in New England including Somerville, MA just outside of Boston.  She also served as a Unity Chaplain, and a volunteer hospital chaplain.  In Phoenix, AZ she served as a Mentor at Fresh Start Services. Rev. Grace also donated many life coach hours for job seekers who appreciate her business acumen and positive spirit while they are going through challenging times.  These collective experiences now enable us to provide an integrated delivery system to address your daily needs to become more grounded while still serving Spirit.

Grace Spiritual Center was created to fulfill the need that we have as evolving, spiritual beings in the 21st century.  Our soul's wisdom is searching for a better way to express itself.  We now realize as modern, educated and loving spirits, there is a place that we can join with like minded souls and truly call home.   

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