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Why Choose an Interfaith Minister for Your Ceremony

  • maybe you're Catholic and you haven't completed your Confirmation?

  • possibly you have been divorced?

  • destination wedding and unfamiliar with officiant services?

  • same sex marriage not acceptable in your house of worship?

  • you desire something unique and awesome outside of a traditional church setting?



                                                                   By Reverend Grace A. Carcich


Sometimes we find ourselves in a position, where we say the following:  “Yes, I am ready to get married, but my fiancé is of a different faith, what should I do?’ or maybe it’s this:  “ I want a meaningful ceremony but neither of us were raised in a religious home, yet I am longing for something really spiritual…” You have both decided city hall just isn’t for you.  The best answer to all of the above could be to hire an Interfaith Minister.  Give Rev. Grace a call. She has a free 10 Minute Consultation available as a getting to know you process to see if it's the right fit!


You can create a truly amazing ceremony with an Interfaith Minister trained to give you the attention and spark that you need to reflect the love you have for each other, to the world.  Have you considered having the ceremony in the comfort of your own home? Whether you choose a ceremony in your own home or a wedding venue, those are merely two options.   There are many options to choose from because Interfaith Ministers are flexible, open-minded and provide unique suggestions.  They give you the freedom to have it your way while serving you and making you the focus of attention on your special day!


An Interfaith Minister will take the time to get to know you beforehand and give you the personalized care that you might not receive from other officiants.  So whether you are of the same religion or different faiths, if you are seeking a professional who is skilled at creating a welcoming atmosphere, that is stress-free and happy, consider choosing an Interfaith Minister to provide the best experience for your wedding ceremony.

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